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Like many Saskatchewan-born businesses, our company was built upon traditional values of hard work, dedication and ambition. As a husband and wife owned and operated business, our desire for excellence is sincere, honest and will not be compromised. Adam grew up south of Weyburn on a grain farm and I, Randi, grew up north of Fillmore on a mixed cattle/grain farm. Our lives and family values taught us work ethic and respect. Adam has worked in the oilfield in SE Saskatchewan for 13+ years. He is a Certified Boom Truck Operator and has over 10 years experience running a picker truck.

Together, we are raising a family on our farm (A.M. Oilfield home base) just outside of Griffin Sk. We started A.M. Oilfield Services in early 2013 and since then, we have worked hard to make a name for ourselves that our customers can trust and rely on. We grew up on these roads and in these communities and we believe strongly in giving back and supporting local businesses

Only The Best Service in Saskatchewan

We believe in delivering services that maintain our clients assets, improves efficiency and protects both people and equipment. A.M. Oilfield Services are committed to the environment and improving the health and safety of the industry. We are proud to hold a strong internal safety record which is testimony to all at A.M. Oilfield Services.

Our operators are highly experienced and well trained. We are experienced in team lifts and highly complicated picks and situations. If it can be done, we can find a way to safely do it.

No matter what service your company might need, we are here to help. We offer an extensive line of services for oilfield operations, farms, and commercial business alike. Stuck in the mud or snow with your grader, tractor, skid steer or implement? We can winch or pick you out. Bin blew over or your tractor tipped? We can stand that back up for you. Travel time inconvenient for slow moving equipment? We can haul graders, tractors, back hoes, scrapers, dozers, excavators, floaters, or anything you don't want on the road, we can haul it from location to location. Looking for a picker truck in Stroughton? We have you covered. Our priority is to provide our customers with highest quality of operator and equipment available at competitive prices.
See a complete list of our services below.

Picker Truck Stoughton SK

Our Equipment and Services

Picker Truck Stoughton SK

Picker Trucks

40 Ton and 22 Ton picker trucks available with up to 81ft of boom. Service rig moves, pump jack set up and repairs, tanks in and out of containments, injector shack hauling, placing, and removing.

Am OIlfield Services Texas Bed Truck

Texas Bed Trucks

Winching, towing, highway hauls, drilling rig move assists, loading and hauling tanks, skids, and vessels. Hauling tubing, catwalks, rods and tool delivery and handling.

AM Oilfield Services Scissor Neck

Scissor Neck Trailers

Equipment hauling, with dual live roll. Loads from front or rear for ease of loading.

AM Oilfield Services Snow Plow

Mowing and Snow Blower

10ft 105 Horsepower mower, 8ft blower, 8ft 6" rear blade.

AM OIlfield Services Rental

Rental Equipment

40ft matting, Certified Man Basket for lifting personnel for hatch inspections, tank repairs, yard light repair, wind sock repair, and more.

AM Oilfield Services Farm

Farm Services

Bin lift, bin build, bin placement, grain leg installations, fuel tank hauling, and placement, hay hauling, hauling tractors, and equipment, heavy lifts.

AM Oilfield Service Hauling Track Hoe

Commercial Services

Equipment Hauling, such as track ho, cat, etc. Sea-Can picking, hauling, and stacking.

Am Oilfield Services Picker Moving

Residential Services

Small building picking, and hauling, Skid steer lifts out of basement holds, standing basement/house/garage walls, beam placement, lifting rafters, etc.

Am Oilfield Services Pilon


Heavy truck and trailer towing. We can haul any piece of equipment to any location of your choice.

Safety = Success

For us, safety means our equipment isn't getting held up on the road, on the job
site or at the scales. Our equipment is well-maintained and certified.
Working safely means our staff is fit and prepared for duty, and jobs are
organized to reduce risks and potential for downtime

STRONG In Safety

A.M. Oilfield Services believes in having a strong safety program. We strive to provide safe, efficient services to reduce cost and downtime for our customers.


All of our equipment carries up to date Stability, Mechanical, and Structural Safety inspections that are certified for Saskatchewan, as well as regular maintenance, making our equipment WorkSafe compliant.


All of our operators and swampers are connected to Adam at dispatch at all times to consistently deliver effective and accurate service.

A Name You Can Trust

What we do

A.M. Oilfield Services Ltd.’s Units are fully equipped and ready to roll at a moment’s notice. We have a variety of Picker Trucks available to ensure you have the right picker to suit your needs.

Who to call

When you call A.M. Oilfield Service you know your speaking to an owner directly. We believe that service is between people, and we will personally ensure you the job is done right the first time.
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Picker Truck in Stoughton, SK

Picker Truck Stoughton SK

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